Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Purex Plus Oxi Review

Some of you might know that I signed up to be a Purex insider and from time to time, they send me samples of their new products to try out. So far I have loved every one of them. This time, they sent me their newest product Purex plus Oxi. I really like it. My clothes come out clean and smell good, too. Plus Purex products are reasonably priced and I do enjoy a good value. They sent me 3 free coupons and I had thought about having a contest but wasnt sure how to do it so I handed them out in line at Walmart and told people what a great value Purex products are. I think there is some sort of disclaimer I am supposed to say but my brain is in a fog, but while my opinions are my own, Purex does provide me with free samples so I can review them and post my opinions on my blog.

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