Thursday, September 1, 2011


Audrianna woke up really early (before sunrise) and wasnt feeling well. Sore throat, tons of snot coming out of her nose, etc., so she stayed home today. I had to get up early to take Marissa to school, class started at 8. had to go by the water department and drop off the water bill first so water didnt get shut off. Dropped Marissa off at school, went to Burger King for breakfast (drive-thru) came home and ate and laid down for a few minutes. Then my son Nathan called so I got up and talked to him until 1020 when I had to go get Randa and take her to her WIC appt. Dropped her off and then got a call from Sonya and my son Lucas that someone had run all the gas out of their car last night and it wouldnt start. So headed over there to take them to get some gas. Marissa called before I got there and wanted me to come get her, so I turned around and went back to Cameron and picked her up. Went to Sonya/Lucas' and Marissa went and got their gas while I sat inside with Audrianna and Austin (who by the way is sick, also). Marissa came back with the gas but the car still wouldnt start. Then Randa called and I had to go pick her up. Sonya needed a ride to the grocery store, also. We piled in the car, went to get Randa, then Marissa wanted me to take her back to Cameron, so I did that. Took Randa to get something to eat, dropped her and Austin off at home, took Sonya to the grocery store and we both did a little shopping. Left grocery store, went to get Randa and Austin, dropped Randa off at work, took Sonya home, had to stop and get gas, came home. Unloaded groceries and kids. Ate my lunch quickly. Let Gucci (dog) out of my room where he had pulled my curtains down and pooped on them. he had also gone into the bathroom and urinated in a bucket of vinyl doctor type gloves that I have in the bathroom for Audrianna to use. About 100 gloves at least. Too expensive to buy more so took them outside and washed them, wondering if they will ever dry completely. Put curtains in laundry basket and set it on porch. Put food away. Now sitting down at computer exhausted. The left shift key on my keyboard is not working so excuse me when some things aren't capitalized, etc. Now I hear Austin in the kitchen pulling things out of a cabinet. I better go check.